Cruise ship returnees spark Covid-19 uptick fears

•Some to pay for own quarantine at Rainbow

Important Announcment…Information Perm Sec Nick Mangwana on Twitter

Review & Mail Writer
Zimbabweans returning home from abroad, where they were working on cruise ships in overseas resorts, have raised fears that the country will see a spike in Covid-19 cases.

Already, Zimbabwe is dealing from an uptick in cases as nearly 100 new cases were recorded this week from returning residents who came from Mozambique, South Africa and Botswana.

They are currently in quarantine.
Late Friday, Government spokesperson, Nick Mangwana announced a list of Zimbabweans who were on their way home.

He said on Twitter: “Some of the Zimbabweans who work abroad and on cruiseships who are coming home are as follows;
1- Miami, USA – 221
2- UAE – 111
3- Kuwait -21
4- Neitherlands – 39
5- UK – 8
6- Angola -18”

In another tweet he announced that a further contingent would be arriving via Namibia and would pay for their quarantine at Rainbow Towcers hotel in Harare. – R&M

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