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We are not aware of grievances – AirZim Interview

A lot has been going on lately at the troubles airline with reports of grim working conditions for staff despite some promising prospects brought about by long distance charters to Asia. Review & Mail‘s Tichaona Zindoga sought to get answers on various issues raised by our sources from the airline’s spokesperson, Firstme Vitori. Q: That...


Entrepreneurship benefits to individuals, society and economy

•This is an inaugural article of the entrepreneurship column that Review & Mail will be running every Monday Entrepreneurship Couch This week we seek to explain the benefits that comes with Entrepreneurship to the individual entrepreneur, the societies and communities including the national economic development of Zimbabwe. The article seeks to explain the immense benefits...


Breaking – RBZ authorises forex payments

Review & Mail Writer The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has authorised the use of foreign currency in local transactions in a development it said would increase convenience during the current Covid-19 crisis. The Central Bank said the use of “free funds” foreign currency balances in banks held by citizens and exporters was necessitated by lack...