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Climate change hits the poorest hardest

Davison Kaiyo Review & Mail Writer Whenever a challenge hits a nation, the climate change undermines development gains and leads to shortages in basic necessities like food, water, electricity (power) and shelter. Climate change is now affecting infrastructure systems by changing the weather conditions in which they must operate case in point the Kariba hydroelectric...


Climate change and opportunities for regional integration

Davison Kaiyo Review & Mail Writer Disasters related to climate change are increasing across the African region, exacerbated by lack of timely, accurate information uncoordinated planning and responses to climate change, and other factors that increase the vulnerability of people, property, and infrastructure. Climate change is a reality that we are faced with today. This...


Coronavirus impacts wildlife conservation

…as China temporarily bans wildlife markets and trade  Tulani Ngwenya Review & Mail Contributor The temporal ban was recently imposed due to the outbreak and rapidly spreading coronavirus. China’s main focus for the temporary ban is curbing and ultimately preventing the spread of the virus. Since the announcement, no wildlife is being traded within or from...


Solar off-grid users reach 420 million – World Bank

STORY HIGHLIGHTS The off-grid solar sector has expanded into a $1.75 billion annual market serving 420 million users over the past decade and continues to grow. As the sector matures and productive use of off-grid solar solutions such as solar water pumps, cold storage and other products servicing public institutions become natural expansion areas, companies...


New policy required to save Harare’s wetlands

Review & Mail Writer COMMUNITY based organisations under the umbrella term Harare Wetlands Trust (HWT) have called on the Government to accelerate the re-gazetting of Harare’s wetland map saying it is critical and should be at the core of efforts to preserve water sources. Responding to the 2020 budget presentation presented by the Minister for...